Family Center for Asthma and Allergic Diseases

Nursing Staff

Mandy Rea

Mandy started working with Dr. Sim the summer of 1996. She resides in Friendswood and when not at work, Mandy loves bieng outdoors and time with her two sons. She also enjoys volunteering for her church and spending time with family and friends.

Cindy Ledezma

Cindy joined our team in 2019. She lives in Friendswood with her husband and four daughters. She is fluent in English and Spanish . Outside of work, Cindy likes spending time with her family.

Elisa & Cynthia

Front Office Staff

Elisa Field

Elisa started with our office in1997. She lives in Pearland with her husband. Elisa enjoys crafting and knitting in her free time.

Cynthia Ballou

Cynthia was a Respiratory Therapist and joined our team when she moved to the area to care for her family in 2016. She enjoys volunteer work for the community and sharing her faith with others.