Family Center for Asthma and Allergic Diseases

AAAAA+++++ OUTSTANDING Physician and Staff

Self-verified patient of Dr. Tommy C Sim – Posted on April 9th, 2020

I was referred to Dr. Sim by my Primary Care Physician. Primary Care M.D. stated he had sent many referrals and feedback was always very positive for Dr. Sim. That was an understatement! I can’t begin to state how pleased I have been with Dr. Sim and his entire staff/team. I’ve been a patient at M.D. Anderson for 10+ years with a chronic skin condition that was managed with high doses of steroids. Dr. Sim immediately diagnosed and prescribed a new medication that he felt would benefit me. Within only a couple of days of starting this new medication my symptoms began to rapidly improve. He even called me in the evening after receiving my first dose to check on me! I didn’t think doctors did that any longer, but Dr. Sim did! When I followed up with my Doctors at M.D. Anderson, they wanted to know who this “new” doctor was because they were seeing significant improvements in my condition on a much lower dose of steroids. M.D. Anderson has even began referring patients to Dr. Sim with similar conditions as mine! Even these outstanding specialists at a top-tier globally ranked research hospital recognize that I’m receiving cutting-edge treatment from Dr. Sim. The new prescription is very expensive and his helpful staff diligently coordinated with the drug manufacturer to work with me on receiving medication at a significantly reduced price. Every member of his staff/team has also been a pleasure to work with, from the Nurses to the receptionists. Waits have never been more than a few minutes, office is clean, modern and utilizes current technology. Dr. Sim has great bedside manners which is a commodity these days. He is very personable, friendly and most importantly, knowledgeable and never in a rush with my appointment. If my review sounds over-the-top it is because my new treatment has literally been life-changing. I can’t express how pleased I am with Dr. Sim and his success and ability in helping me.

I have taken both my 5 year old daughter and my 16 month old son to see Dr. Sim several times. He has always been pleasant to me and to my children. He and his staff have been extremely accommodating and his diagnosis has been on target. We highly recommend him!

I have been going here for more than 10 years and will tell you that you will never find an office that is more thorough, caring and friendly than this one. If you are really sick they will call you every several days to see how you are doing. I have sent dozens of people there and never a complaint. He treats my asthma and knows ME and what I need.

I have had asthma and allergies all my life. Dr. Sim is the first doctor to get both under control. He and his staff are professional and personable. I recommend him to all those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Dr. Sim reminds me of doctors I had growing up. He is attentive, well-educated, and never seems like he is racing against the Insurance Machine clock. In addition to diagnosing you, he actually takes time to explain the why’s and how’s to you. That’s rare these days. He not only gives a thorough exam for what you came in to see him about, but if he notices anything else that is in his medical arena, he will bring it up, discuss it with you, and address it as needed. With every visit, I am re-impressed with his appearance of loving what he does.

He is a very knowledgeable and caring doctor. He hopes to provide the best service for his patients. You don’t have to go anywhere to test because everything is in his office.

Been going to Dr. Sim for fifteen years. His treatment of my asthma and allergies has been life-changing. He’s a caring compassionate physician and his support staff is first rate. I’d highly recommend Dr. Sim for any of your allergy or asthma concerns.

I have been a patient of Dr, Sim for over 20 years. He has been a life saver for me. I totally trust him with my life. I can’t say that about all doctors. He is very patient and explains things so that I can understand.

Son had cough for six weeks. Pedi tried antibiotics and inhaler without success. Dr Sim was very interested in my son’s symptoms and history. Very kind and caring. Gave us detailed explanation of cough in order for us to understand. Prescribed the right meds and specific inhaler to son’s needs. Saw healing quickly. Great doctor! Not rushed.

As I was making a follow-up appointment with Dr. Sim, I told the front desk receptionist that my appointment with him and his entire staff was “the most pleasant experience I had ever had with a doctor.” Everyone in his office was very professional and willing to answer as many questions as I had. Dr. Sim is an excellent physician who takes time to listen to his patients in order to try and help them feel better. I’m so glad I found him. If you want knowledge/expertise, go to Dr. Tommy Sim!